Asura Coin (ASA) recently listed on Bilaxy, a cryptocurrency exchange that primarily offers pairings with Ethereum (ETH). Asura Coin is an eSports platform to be built on the NEO blockchain that aims to allow gamers the opportunity to “bet, compete, learn, discuss, and earn.” The platform will allow for live streaming, community betting, and commissions to further fund future events.

At the time of this writing, Bilaxy ranked 135th in 24-hour trading volume and offers trading for 60+ tokens paired with ETH. Among the those traded on the exchange are seven NEP-5 tokens: LX, PKC, NKN, NRVE, SDS, SOUL, and ASA.

ASA deposits opened at 19:00 (GMT +8) on September 18th, and trading will begin at 19:00 (GMT +8) on September, 20th.

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