Senno, a distributed sentiment analysis ecosystem, has announced dates for its token distribution model and upcoming listing on an exchange.

First, SENNO tokens will be distributed on October 10th, 2018. After distribution, tokens will be listed on its first exchange on October 15th. These dates were chosen to coincide closely with each other so that users can begin trading tokens shortly after their release. The name of the exchange is yet to be revealed, but the team will update the community with more details as the date moves closer.

Finally, the team reminded traders of the required due diligence process before the tokens will be released. This process includes going through a mandatory KYC screening to ensure the collective security of the Senno ecosystem.

Senno is aiming to create a platform for sentiment analysis through the real-time collection of data from public channels. With the combination of AI algorithms and NEO digital identity, this information will be analysed and saved to its distributed storage for future use. The platform’s intention is to create an application marketplace using this data, which would allow end users to benefit from sentiment analysis in decision making for complex tasks and other uses.

More information on Senno can be found at the links below.