NewEconoLabs (NEL), a China-based NEO development group, has released a progress report covering the first half of September. NEL has reported news on a number of its projects in this update.

NEODUN hardware wallet

NEL has suspended plans of mass production of the NEODUN hardware wallet, citing market conditions. However, testing and bug fixes are still in progress for the open-source hardware wallet, according to NEL, and they will be distributing some existing NEODUN wallets to community enthusiasts.

NEL technology community

NEL has established a “Community Developer Forum” for educational discussions related to development on the NEO blockchain. NEL reports that the website is completely programmed and is ready for launch after its domain registration is completed.

CryptoGladiator game

Regarding its NEO blockchain-based game, CryptoGladiator, NEL reports that “the new system ‘Conqueror’ has been developed” and will be updated in September. The next update will also switch the in-game GAS equivalent from its in-house SGAS, to NEO Global Development’s recently launched CGAS.

BlaCat game development platform

NEL has confirmed that at present, 23 dApp games will be listed on BlaCat. Meanwhile, the BlaCat platform, which is currently in a demo version, underwent extensive development. NEL has reported development of its technical documentation, developer UI and smart exchange UI, digital asset management, and the completion of an English website for the platform, amongst other improvements.

Other NEL projects

NEL’s Airdrop/Dividend Tool, NEL light wallet, NEL Lab, and the ThinSDK-TS web wallet development tool are all under continued development. In related news, NEL’s NEO Name Service received its own progress report, summarized here.

The full report can be read at the following link:

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