China-based community NEO development group, NewEconoLabs (NEL), has published a bi-weekly report for its decentralized .neo domain name project, NEO Name Service (NNS). The update covers progress made in early September, 2018, including O3 Wallet integration, support for NEO Global Development’s CGAS, API development, and the NNS community.

O3 Wallet

NEL has announced upcoming O3 Wallet support for NNS. Currently under development, this is slated to include support for .neo domain name addresses, as well as .neo domain name auction support. NEL has stated that the .neo domain name auction function will be directly embedded into other wallets in the future.

NNS Explorer and NNS API

The NEO Name Service explorer has incorporated multiple UI and UX improvements. Notably, support for NEO Global Development’s CGAS has been added. CGAS is replacing NEL’s SGAS in NewEconoLab products. In addition, the minimum length of a .neo domain name is now six characters.

The NNS API has also undergone further developments, with support for the .test domain and support for more detailed data on the dividend distribution pool, and dividend history.

Community Operations

The Chinese NNS community has been participating in daily testing of the NNS auction protocol. In return for the hands-on testing, NEL has been giving away NNS t-shirt prizes. The Chinese and English communities have also been contributing written articles, NNS graphics for the Telegram messenger app, and TestNet NNS tutorial videos.

The full report can be read at the following link:

Links to more information about NewEconoLabs and the NNS project can be found below.