Alchemint has announced its first round of invitational testing for its stable coin platform. Testers of the platform will be able to access three major components, namely the wallet function, SAR-C function and SAR-B function. According to Alchemint, these functions will allow users to check their balance, make transactions, and collaterize assets to issue SDUSD – Alchemint’s native stable coin. Alternatively, users can deposit SDS to issue their own stablecoin on the platform.

Testers for the platform have been chosen from a pool of users from the NEO ecosystem such as NGD, O3 wallet and more. Other users that were considered to have sufficient understanding were also invited to test Alchemint’s system. With the feedback gained from this testing period, the team will make updates and upgrades in preparation for open testing by the general public that will begin in October this year.

The team has also recently worked on an upgrade to its risk management function that claims to have an enhanced resistance against  “Black Swarm,” which is described by Alchemint as “price crush in seconds.”

For user who were selected for this round of testing, one can access the Alchemint TestNet here.

More information on Alchemint can be found at the links below.