announced today that they would be adding NEO to their exchange for trading against the South Korean Won.

This was not the best kept secret. Over the weekend traders discovered that a NEO link was live at, although there were no internal links to the page, and it was not clear when trading would begin.

CoinNest currently offers trading of BTC, BCC, ETH, ETC and QTUM against KRW, and will become the first Korean exchange to list NEO.

A CoinNest customer service representative told NNT that the NEO wallets would open today at around 10PM Korean Standard Time, with trading to begin on Thursday.

Edit 27/11/17 – The launch date for trading has been changed since the writing of this article. NEO markets will now open on Friday the 29th of September in South Korea. We contacted customer service again today to confirm this information, although they noted that the time and date may change again depending on the internal circumstances.