QRYPTOS have announced today that they are opening NEO/BTC markets for trading.

QRYPTOS is a fully crypto based trading platform with ZEC, XMR, XRP, LTC, ETC, ETH, BCH, DASH, XLM and NEM all paired against BTC.

Factom and TRONIX will also be added along with NEO.

QRYPTOS is owned by QUOINE, a global fintech company with offices Japan, Singapore and Vietnam, who also run QUOINEX, a platform that allows for trading of BTC, ETH and BCH against fiat currencies such as AUD, USD, EUR, JPY, INR, SGD, HKD and PHP.

QRYPTOS is powered by the same engine as QUOINEX, but is intended to be a more accessible exchange as it does not requires users to have a bank account.

To attract liquidity, QRYPTOS currently has an attractive incentive structure in place for market makers. For every market trade completed by market makers, they will be rewarded with 50% of the taker fee collected by QRYPTOS. The taker fee is fixed at a competitive rate of 0.15%.

QRYPTOS does not take any fee for withdrawals.

You can read the listing announcement here – https://qryptos.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012880208-2017-09-24-TRONIX-NEO-Factom-Now-Coming-to-QRYPTOS