have added a GAS/KRW market to their platform. In addition, CoinNest will also begin distributing GAS to NEO holders weekly, becoming the third exchange to perform GAS drops, along with Binance and Kucoin.

Snapshots of user NEO account balances will be taken every hour to calculate GAS entitlements, and distribution will occur every Monday at 00:00 KST (Sunday, 15:00 UTC).

As an added bonus, CoinNest are also distributing all the GAS they collected whilst testing the generation calculation functionality. Users who held NEO on the exchange between October 10th and October 23rd will be the first to receive a drop for GAS collected during this time.

CoinNest was the first Korean exchange to list NEO and is currently the only exchange in Korea trading both NEO and GAS and distributing GAS.

You can view the announcement in Korean here –