On August 29th, Coupit announced its upcoming token listing on LATOKEN cryptocurrency exchange. Coupit is a blockchain-driven e-commerce incentive platform being built on the NEO blockchain. It aims to allow businesses and individuals to market their products and services, as well as earn rewards through a number of structured programs.

Deposits for the Coupit token (COUP) will begin on September 5th. Trading will begin on September 7th, with COUP/BTC and COUP/ETH pairings.

At the time of this writing, LATOKEN is ranked 42nd in global 24-hour trading volume, and has over 110 coin/token pairings. The exchange also supports more than 80,000 active traders, recently hit 500,000 monthly visitors, and has low-cost trading and withdrawal fees.

LATOKEN also seeks to provide its users with options to participate in selected token sales, pre-sales, and crowdsales. Additionally, LATOKEN aims to allow for real world physical assets (such as real estate and artwork) to be tokenized and traded against various cryptocurrencies. 

More information about LATOKEN can be found at its website, Twitter, or Medium.

More information about Coupit can be found at the links below.