The Smart Economy Wiki (SEWiki) was created by nOS founder and CEO, Dean van Dugteren. SEWiki is a “community effort that aims to cover all topics surrounding the Smart Economy in an easy to understand manner.” The wiki was designed to host articles about various projects, websites, technologies, and people.

As Dean states, “with any technology in its beginning stages, it’s difficult to get a grasp of the full picture.” SEWiki aims to provide clarity and insight into various social, technical, and project-based sources of information within the NEO ecosystem.

The Smart Economy Wiki was established on August 11th, 2018. At the time of this writing, over 50 articles have been published, with contributors free to elaborate upon or clarify concepts.

SEWiki is open-source and available to everyone who wishes to participate. Once a user has created a SEWiki account, they will immediately be able to write new articles and contribute to existing pages. Individuals who wish to contribute are encouraged to provide objective, informational, and well-sourced content.

For individuals interested in populating pages that don’t currently contain any information, they can visit the “Contributing page.” Once SEWiki has been populated with enough articles, requests for images and article updates will also be included on the “Contributing page.”

Currently, article topics span Antshares (NEO 1.0), NEO Enhancement Protocol (NEP), NEP-5 token standards, decentralized applications (dApps), project/company descriptions, and many more. To see a list of all the pages that are currently populated, visit this link.

If users need any help establishing new article pages, or contributing to existing pages, they can join the nOS Discord server and ask community members for support.

The Smart Economy Wiki can be accessed via the link below: