Following the announcement of the MainNet launch and token mapping, Zeepin has released a final notice with details for the token swap. The news post also included a timeline of key dates for the transition period.

Zeepin noted that token mapping would begin after NEO’s block height reached 2670670, which has now been passed on August 29th. The Zeepin staff announced on Twitter that the mapping was now underway, and advised users not to make any ZPT or GALA transactions until the end of the mapping process is announced.

The exchanges supporting the token swap are KuCoin, Gate and Lbank, and the mapping process is expected to be completed on September 5th. The full timeline of key dates, including those for the token swap and MainNet launch, can be found below:

  • August 29th – Block Height 2670670 reached, token mapping begins
  • August 31st – Genesis node for Zeepin MainNet started by Zeepin Foundation
  • September 5th – Completion of ZPT and GALA token mapping
  • September 6th – Users can activate assets stored in ZeeWallet using NEO private key
  • September 10th – Node competition rehearsal begins on TestNet. ZPT holders can register for node applications through the ZeeWallet. Consensus nodes, candidate nodes and backups nodes can be selected through voting by ZPT holders.
  • October 10th – MainNet node selection begins
  • November 5th – First batch of 51 nodes released, initial Galaxy consensus network composed of the selected nodes is formed
  • November 10th – Consensus process will be taken over by the Galaxy consensus network from the genesis node, and genesis node will be removed

More information on Zeepin can be found at the links below.