Joe Stewart (aka Hal0x2328), CEO and founder of Splyse, recently released an August update on HashPuppies, a NEO blockchain-based game. HashPuppies seeks to become a “fully interactive and animated 3D game with a complex genetic system and [non-player character artificial intelligence (NPC AI)] built on top of smart contract assets with crypto wallet integration.” Over the past eight months, the small, dedicated team has made progress on the game, however, milestones haven’t been achieved in accordance with initial projections.

Until NEO Global Capital (NGC) invested in Splyse in July of 2018, Joe was the sole investor in the HashPuppies project. The development team did not host a public token sale, nor did it hold a private fundraising round. In July of 2018, NGC bought a majority of the Splyse team’s Master Contract Token (MCT) allocation, in exchange for 15,000 GAS. NEO News Today covered the investment made by NGC.

Due to the decline of the cryptocurrency market, coupled with potential regulatory implications associated with initial coin offerings (ICOs), the Splyse team has decided to seek traditional equity funding. Splyse hopes the traditional investment will provide the necessary financial support to continue the development of HashPuppies and accelerate its completion.

Since the project began, the development team has learned how difficult it is to provide accurate milestone projections. Moving forward, Splyse will release weekly updates, via a completion chart, to provide transparency in progress achieved, and to minimize distractions that impact the development team.

The weekly updated completion chart can be seen by visiting the following link:

The HashPuppies development team’s next objective is to release a demo “that shows the variety of the genetic system and the unique artistic style of the game.”

For more information about HashPuppies visit the links below.