Singapore-based “creative smart economy” platform, Zeepin, has announced the MainNet of its Zeepin Chain will launch on August 31st. It has also provided details on how to map its native ZPT and GALA tokens from the NEO blockchain to the Zeepin Chain. Zeepin recently merged its plans for an upcoming dual-blockchain model into a single chain. ZPT is designated as “a medium for asset exchange” on the Zeepin Chain, while GALA “can be used to cover network consumption and fuel applications”.

A snapshot of ZPT and GALA tokens on the NEO blockchain will take place at blockheight 2,670,670, which is expected to occur on August 28th or 29th, 2018. In preparation for the snapshot, ZPT and GALA holders should move their assets to a NEP-5 wallet of which they control the private key, or to an account on one of three exchanges supporting the swap: Kucoin, Gate, or LBank. Any holders keeping their ZPT or GALA tokens on unsupported exchanges will lose access to their assets on the Zeepin Chain.

Asset mapping is expected to be completed on September 5th, 2018. Users controlling the original private keys to their wallets will be able to activate their assets on the Zeepin Chain through Zeepin’s ZeeWallet app on September 6th. Zeepin says that any ZPT or GALA that are staked in its CryptoGalaxy game, GalaHub nodes, or GalaBox mining machines will be readily accessible after mapping is completed.

Selection and voting for consensus nodes, candidate nodes, and backup nodes will begin on the Zeepin Chain TestNet after asset migration is complete. On November 10th, 2018, Zeepin Chain is expected to transfer the consensus mechanism of its MainNet from Zeepin’s own genesis node to a “galaxy consensus network” of selected MainNet consensus nodes.

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