APEX has announced a cross-chain rewards giveaway through its KRATOS One special node program. NEO News Today covered the release of KRATOS One that can be read here, as well as the overall APEX node network that can be read here. Cross-chain rewards will include tokens from other blockchains and projects that are technology or ecosystem partners of the APEX Network.

All rewards will be distributed by the APEX Cross-Chain Controller Hub, which is where the terms and cooperation model has been established. Blockchains and applications operating in the alliance will keep a reserve rewards balance which are then used in the incentive. Finally, a middleware layer connects APEX to other participants in its ecosystem; this then allows for collaborations between APEX and its partners, as well as between partners themselves.

The first two partners to join the cross-chain rewards scheme are UChain, an intelligent blockchain infrastructure for the sharing economy, and Atlas, a turn-key blockchain platform for the travel industry.

To kick off the cross-chain rewards incentive, there will be an airdrop for APEX token holders.

Holders of 200,000 CPX (Tier 1) or more will receive an airdrop of CPX ,UCN, and ATLS tokens as rewards.

Holders of 70,000-199,999 CPX (Tier 2) will receive CPX as a reward.

Additional details about the cross-chain rewards can be read at the link below:


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