Flamingo Finance launched a new ambassador program for community members. Beginning in June, users can share in a pool of US $500 in rewards, distributed each month in return for their independent community-building efforts.

The initiative is designed to encourage platform growth and further development of the DeFi sector on Neo. To participate, contributors are expected to aid in expanding the Flamingo community by undertaking onboarding or promotional activities.

Ambassadors are free to choose their own manner of working. Examples of appropriate contributions include spreading the word about Flamingo on social channels, answering questions in the community, sharing feature or marketing ideas with the Flamingo team, or helping new users to create wallets and acquire their first tokens.

A dedicated #ambassadors channel has been created on the Flamingo Discord as a way for participants to share their progress. Flamingo team members will use the proof of work published in the channel to identify notable contributions and vote on reward allocations.

Alongside token rewards, winners will also receive public acknowledgements and a permanent Ambassador badge on the Flamingo Discord. Ambassadors can be rewarded for participation every month.

While the program encourages active participation, the team highlighted that ambassadors are not official representatives of the project. Flamingo Finance retains the right to remove or delete any damaging or false messages.

The original announcement may be read at the link below: