Quirky Soul College is adding a Neo News Today skin to the Vending Machine feature of the Neo-powered game. QSC’s Vending Machine allows users to obtain a unique skin that can be equipped on a Quirky Soul NFT. The NNT skin will be available beginning Monday, June 5.

Source: Quirky Soul College

Users must own a Quirky Soul NFT and a ValeNNTine NFT to get one of these new skins from the Vending Machine. One unique NNT-theme skin can be minted per Quirky Soul and ValeNNTine NFT combination. For example, if a user has three Quirky Soul NFTs and one ValeNNTine NFT, they can only mint one NNT-theme skin in the QSC game.

Source: Neo News Today

The ValeNNTine NFTs were distributed in Feb. 2022 to wallets voting for NNT as their Neo Council member. At the time, the NFTs were touted as a digital Valentine’s Day card and offered no additional utility beyond thanking NNT’s voters. In Feb. 2023, NNT airdropped 3 GAS to Neo wallets that held a ValeNNTine NFT and were voting for NNT as a council member. The airdrop served as a thank-you to voters who stuck with NNT as their choice for the Neo Council for a full calendar year. The ValeNNTine NFTs have a total supply of 320.

NNT becomes the third ecosystem entity to collaborate with QSC on a skin. The other two include COZ and Neo Candy.

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