Switcheo, the first decentralized exchange on the NEO blockchain, has announced that it will begin trading the HashPuppies RHT token on August 10th, 2018 at 12pm (UTC+8). The RHT token will be listed in RHT/NEO, RHT/GAS, and RHT/SWTH pairings.

HashPuppies is a digital pet trading and breeding game being developed by Splyse on the NEO blockchain. 76 percent of the Redeemable HashPuppy Tokens (RHT) was airdropped to qualifying wallets containing NEO in December 2017. Each token can be traded for a unique puppy upon the launch of the HashPuppies game.

The RHT token is non-divisible and will only be traded in whole units. Switcheo will also be trading RHT with fees exclusively paid in SWTH. This means that users are required to use SWTH tokens when performing a taker order to buy RHT. Maker orders will have zero fees.

Fans of the HashPuppies project can visit the store while they wait for the game to go live on NEO’s MainNet.

More information on Switcheo and HashPuppies can be found at the links below.

Written by Colin Closser

Colin Closser, M.D., was a speaker at the first NEO DevCon in San Francisco. A devoted contrarian, he has managed the improbable: a peaceful and healthy life, despite holding a medical degree. He aspires towards the wisdom of Michael Lewis and Nassim Nicholas Taleb.