Nash recently announced that it has released a simple, open-source bot designed to help traders perform automatic market-maker strategies. Written in Python 3, the Makerbot is set up to allow for trading on Nash in its default configuration.

Trading bots are commonly used to improve liquidity on an exchange. The Nash Makerbot uses a symmetric market-maker algorithm, aiming to take advantage of the concept of “intrinsic volatility” in a market. Makerbot will watch the order book for a programmed trading pair until it is triggered to trade within a fixed price range.

Makerbot trading algorithm example

The current implementation is noted to be in beta, however Nash has confirmed that it will refactor and improve the Makerbot over time.

Makerbot can be installed and modified freely due to its use of the MIT license and is available on the Nash Gitlab page with installation instructions for Linux, Mac, and Windows users.