Neo Foundation technologist, Steven Liu, spoke with Neo News Today’s Colin Closser to discuss Neo’s global development community and the upcoming development of the Neo protocol.

Neo partnered with Incognito, a blockchain development team focused on providing privacy features to public blockchains. The two entities aim to collaborate to bring private transactions to the smart economy. The solution will take the form of a “trustless privacy bridge” between Neo and an Incognito sidechain, which will allow senders to hide balances, quantities, timestamps, senders, and recipients of transactions.

NNT Catch Up

Blockchain game development studio 0xGames announced an update to role-playing game, 0xWarriors, which now includes support for the Neo blockchain. To celebrate the launch of the update, 0xGames is offering 50% off on in-app purchases to new users who register for the game. The discount for in-store items will be available until Friday, December 13th.

Nash released an update to its mobile application, adding wallet functionality that allows users to monitor their portfolio or send and receive assets. The mobile wallet is now available for Android and iOS.

Developer Groups

NEXT, a Chinese-based Neo developer community group, released its monthly report for November 2019 and launched an update to its NeoLine mobile wallet. In the monthly report, NEXT offers highlights on progress achieved with the NeoLine suite and NeoTube browser.

Neow3j founder, Dr. Guilherme Sperb Machado (a.k.a. Guil), delivered a talk about the Neo blockchain to graduate students at the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, Switzerland.


December 3rd, Jarvis+ released an article highlighting its Q&A and solitaire minigames, which were released on November 28th.

December 4th, Novem released an article highlighting the reasons why it chose Neo as its public blockchain layer.

December 5th, Alphacat released its fortnightly report for the second half of November, which highlighted an update to its website and the listing of 104 applications on the ACAT Store.

December 5th, Nash released an iOS version of its mobile wallet application.

December 5th, Guardian Circle CEO and co-founder, Mark Jeffrey, participated in an interview on the Tipsy Bartender YouTube channel. Jeffrey discussed the Guardian Circle decentralized community response network and how people can join the platform.

December 6th, Narrative announced it is shutting down its online content platform that sought to become “the world’s journal.” Effective immediately, no new content, posts, comments, or quality ratings will be accepted on the Narrative platform. Narrative conducted its final reward payout on Thursday, December 5th, and emphasized: “no rewards will be accrued or paid out going forward.” Users can redeem their NRVE tokens up until 3:00 pm (UTC -5) on Monday, December 30th.

December 6th, Nash released a simple, open-source bot designed to help traders perform automatic market-maker strategies. Written in Python 3, the Makerbot is set up to allow for trading on Nash in its default configuration. The current implementation is noted to be in beta. However, Nash has confirmed that it will refactor and improve the Makerbot over time.


December 21stNeo and Tomochain meetup and workshop – Hanoi, VT.