NEXT, a Chinese-based Neo developer community group, has released its monthly report for November 2019 and has launched an update to its NeoLine mobile wallet. In the monthly report, NEXT offers highlights on progress achieved with the NeoLine suite and NeoTube browser.


The beta version of the NeoLine mobile wallet is now available for both iOS and Android. The mobile wallet offers support for multiple address management, CNY/USD exchange rate conversion, multi-language switching, and embedded block data query functions.

On December 3rd, NEXT released an iOS and Android update, which included customizable user avatars, a reminder for new users to back up their private keys, biometric identity verification, and the ability for users to display/hide their assets.

The NeoLine Chrome browser extension aims to offer a “seamless connection between the browser and Neo.” In November, the team improved its contract dAPI and made other improvements.

Lastly, the team updated the NeoLine website, which now offers the option for users to download its mobile wallet and browser wallet plugin.


In November 2019, NEXT renamed its Neo blockchain explorer from Blolys to NeoTube. The renamed block explorer includes branding to match that of the recent Neo revamp.

The NeoTube website update includes a new and straightforward UI format, which allows users the ability to search for a block height, hash, address, or transaction ID on the Neo blockchain. The website offers English and Chinese support, as well as support to browse the history of the MainNet and TestNet chains.

The full monthly report can be found at the link below: