NEXT, a Chinese-based Neo developer community group, has announced the public beta launch of the mobile version of its NeoLine wallet. The NeoLine mobile wallet offers support for “multiple address management, CNY/USD exchange rate conversion, multi-language switching, and embedded block data query function.”

NeoLine wallet

In April 2019, NEXT released the NeoLine Chrome browser extension, which sought to offer a “seamless connection between the browser and Neo.” In its NeoLine mobile wallet release announcement, NEXT states it has incorporated feedback from the browser extension users into its mobile application.

Within the announcement, NEXT offers a step-by-step guide for users to download the application, create and import a wallet, back up the private key, and export their wallet.

The NeoLine mobile application is available for both Android and iOS on the Google Play and App Store respectively. Chinese mainland users who wish to use the iOS version will need to first install TestFlight in order to access the application.

To promote the launch of the mobile wallet, NEXT is conducting a lucky raffle, where the winner will receive a gift package worth of RMB ¥400. The draw will be held via Weibo, which will take place at 5:00 pm (UTC +8) on November 23rd.

NEXT Community

The NEXT developer community formed in 2017 after two ecosystem projects, Endorsit and ExChain, had merged into one development team. Endorsit seeks to become an open-source replacement for social media platforms like Twitter, while ExChain is developing a “decentralized resume asset management tool.” In addition to the projects mentioned above, the NEXT development community is also responsible for maintaining the Blolys block explorer and the wallet application iWallic.

Alongside tool and project development, NEXT hosted a Neo-based dApp competition, which took place from December 2018 through April 2019. A total of 23 teams were reported to have participated, and ten projects awarded a finalist prize of CNY ¥2,000.

In a previous conversation with Neo News Today, NEXT stated: “Our main long-term target is to merge more and more developers to become the biggest Neo community for dApp incubation, with the most developers and blockchain development in the Neo community.”

The full announcement can be found at the link below: