Neo Global Development (NGD) has announced an upcoming Neo-based university course at the St. Petersburg State University in St. Petersburg, Russia. The computer science course is entitled “Software Development Using Neo Blockchain Technology,” and was confirmed following an NGD event with the university.

In October 2019, NGD hosted a live webinar in a strategic partnership with the St. Petersburg State University and St. Petersburg Blockchain. The webinar offered an introductory overview of Neo’s technical specifications, such as support for multiple languages, neo-gui, neo-cli, documentation, and resources available through the Neo developer portal.

The Neo-based course offered by St. Petersburg State University will teach students about distributed ledger technology and the skills required to develop using core components of the Neo ecosystem. Such components include wallets, smart contracts, and dApps.

Students will learn how to use the Neo PrivateNet and select the most suitable smart contract construction method for the implementation of a particular project. Students can expect the following topics to be covered in the curriculum:

  • What is a blockchain? How do blockchains differ from each other?
  • An introduction to consensus algorithms
  • Environment deployment, development, and testing tools
  • Storing data on distributed ledgers
  • Understanding the Neo Blockchain
  • Creating a Neo private network
  • How Neo smart contracts are structured
  • Introduction to neon-js and how Neo wallets work
  • Neo smart contracts — underlying architecture, how and why do we use them?
  • Neo dApp framework, demonstration of a dApp built on a private Neo network
  • How to deploy dApps on the Neo TestNet and MainNet
  • How dApps on Neo differ from other blockchains

The full announcement can be found at the link below: