Nash recently published its Python API client, allowing the implementation of automated trading tools and other third party applications. The latest version of the Python client for the Nash API can be found here, with accompanying documentation.

An application programming interface (API) is used to let third parties access information or perform operations via the service provider; in this case, the Nash exchange. The Nash API will provide developers with specific formats for making requests, which will result in a response or action being committed on the exchange, such as initiating a trade.

For the Nash API, the release may help encourage the creation of trading bots, a useful tool for providing liquidity through algorithmic market making.

Thomas Saunders, Nash co-founder and the original creator of the recently updated neo-python, also tweeted about the API, sharing a GitLab link where users can ask questions or provide feedback in the form of issues.

Python is the second language to be made available for accessing the Nash API; JavaScript developers may prefer to use the previously released TypeScript API client. According to Fabio C. Canesin, Nash co-founder, a Go client is also being prepared for release in the near future.