Over 30,000 .neo domains have been registered since NewEconoLabs (NEL) launched NEO Name Service (NNS) on October 8th, 2018. Early adopters may find their domain names now nearing expiration without clear guidelines on how to renew them, which may be done for free and extends the expiration date by a year.

NEO Name Service

The NNS project was created to give users an alternative to public addresses comprised of a string of alphanumeric characters, allowing purchased “.neo” domains to be used in their place on all applications that add support for NNS. Domains may be purchased, bound to NEO public addresses, or sold on the secondary market provided by the NNS DEX.

Sharing similar goals to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) project on Ethereum, the use of domain names is hoped to reduce the complexity and risk of sending digital assets, as the names are easier to read and type than standard NEO addresses. However, users should also be cautious and ensure that a recipient’s address is still bound to a particular .neo domain name before sending assets to it.

A limited number of wallets have added support for domains offered by NNS, the most popular of which is the O3 wallet, available in desktop or mobile versions. NNS domain names can also be used to send or receive NEO-based assets in the Teemo Chrome browser extension.

Renewing domain names

Users looking to renew their domain names to extend the expiration date by a year can get started by logging into the NEL web wallet, where NNS functionality can then be accessed.

After selecting ‘edit’ on an owned domain, an option to renew the domain can be found.

The renewal must then be confirmed, at which point the renewal request can be found pending in the operation record.

After a short wait, the renewal operation will complete. The updated expiration date may then be viewed on the NNS tab of the web wallet.