Nash has announced it is integrating with the Avalanche platform and plans to offer AVAX markets on its non-custodial exchange soon.

Avalanche is an open-source platform for DeFi applications and enterprise blockchain deployment, and offers an interoperable and highly scalable ecosystem. It utilizes a multi-chain framework with three blockchains that divide critical functions:

  • The Exchange Chain allows for users to create and share digital assets
  • The Contract Chain is the ecosystem’s smart contract chain
  • The Platform Chain is responsible for staking, coordinating validators across networks, and creating custom subnets

The AVAX token is used in the Avalanche ecosystem to secure the network through staking, for peer-to-peer transactions, and to pay fees and provide a basic unit of accounting between the multiple Avalanche subnetworks.

Looking forward to Q2 2021, Avalanche will incorporate the Nash fiat gateway into its web wallet and platform.

Nash League level three unlocked

Nash League season three participants unlocked level three rewards by surpassing US $30 million in trading volume. $30,000 in prizes will be released, split between solo traders and squad teams.

Nash League is a competition designed to increase the trading volume on the Nash non-custodial platform. The second season brought approximately US $74 million in volume and unlocked $70,000 in prizes.

Monday, March 22, 2021, was also the last day participants could register or join a squad.

More information about the Avalanche integration can be found at the link below: