Neo updated the branding for the next version of its blockchain, N3. Users can expect to see the new brand in marketing campaigns for the upcoming Neo N3 TestNet and MainNet launches. Moving forward, Neo 2.x will be called Neo Legacy.

Neo released the first candidate for the N3 TestNet, RC1. RC1 will operate for approximately one week so developers can ensure dApps and tools are compatible. Neo intends to release the formal N3 TestNet following the one-week trial of RC1. 

The nDapp Neo application discovery platform relaunched with an updated design and new features for exploring network activity. The revamped nDapp includes a curated list of projects with active smart contracts on the Neo Legacy MainNet. nDapp also provides basic blockchain statistics such as total network contracts, addresses, and transactions. Other features include a news feed from Neo News Today, wallet compatibility per project, and project social media links.

Neo Global Development released its monthly report for Feb. 2021, which noted the release of Neo3 Preview5, protocol and infrastructure development from NGD and community developer groups, and more.

Da Hongfei was featured in a China Daily article about China’s latest Five-Year Plan, which examines cutting-edge technology and plans for using it to improve the economy. 

New NEO pairs were added to Demex and 

Poly Network established a strategic cooperation with SuperNova, an algorithmic stablecoin platform. Through the partnership, FLM, SWTH, and NEO token holders can contribute to mine for “sNEO” on the platform.

NNT Catch Up

The Nash non-custodial exchange reached an all-time high in daily trading volume of approximately US $15.08 million on March 13, 2021. The majority of that day’s volume took place in the ETH/BTC market over a 20-minute timeframe. Before the new record, Nash’s all-time high in daily trading volume was roughly $7.2 million.


March 15, TranslateMe announced the addition of the Portuguese language to its commercial machine translation API. 

March 15, Nash established an official Telegram channel solely for the distribution of news and information.

March 16, Jarvis+ released its fortnightly update, which noted the development of a JAR BEP-20 token for use on the Binance Smart Chain. 

March 16, O3 Labs announced the integration of Wallet Connect, an open-source protocol for connecting dApps to mobile wallets via QR code scanning.

March 16, DeepBrain Chain achieved network stability with the first phase of its TestNet and announced that it is seeking phase two applicants. The application process to become a supernode in phase one of TestNet began in Feb. 2021 and recently concluded. DeepBrain Chain received applications from individuals and entities in ten different countries. 

March 16, DeepBrain Chain released its fortnightly progress report, which noted the election of supernode candidates for phase one of the DBC MainNet. Looking forward, DBC MainNet phase two will commence, which will “strictly mimic [the] MainNet supernodes election process.”

March 16, TranslateMe announced the addition of the Tamil language to its commercial machine translation API.

March 17, Guardian Circle received approval on a trademark for its community-based emergency response dApp. 

March 17, Switcheo integrated support for Binance Smart Chain due to the TradeHub v1.15 proposal surpassing the minimum vote threshold in TIP #11. The most notable feature of the update is the ability for SWTH to be withdrawn as a BEP-20 token to BSC via the Poly Network interoperability protocol.

March 17, Jarvis+ announced that the NVIDIA graphics processing card company launched the Jarvis 1.0 public beta of the AI conversational services network.

March 17, QLC Chain released its fortnightly report, which noted the development of a swap module, successful implementation of a proof of concept for the Metro Ethernet Forum, and more. 

March 17, TranslateMe upgraded its Telegram MVP translator to v5.2, which now supports more than 100 languages. 

March 18, Switcheo celebrated its third anniversary and surpassed a milestone of $100 million market capitalization.

March 18, O3 Labs conducted an AMA on its official Telegram channel. In the AMA, the team discussed the O3 Wallet’s multi-chain support, preparing for N3 TestNet, building in-wallet functionality to vote on the Neo blockchain, the upcoming O3 Swap module, and more. 

March 19, Switcheo listed nNEO/BUSD and SWTH/BUSD trading pairs on the Demex non-custodial exchange. 

March 19, GhostMarket added the ability for musicians to include a genre into NFTs they mint on the cross-chain NFT market and explorer.

March 20, DeepBrain Chain conducted an AMA to discuss phase two of TestNet supernode elections and activation process. 

Token Listings

Demex added the nNEO/BUSD and SWTH/BUSD trading pairs to the non-custodial exchange. added a NEO/USDC trading pair to its custodial exchange.

Nash delisted NEO/GAS, BAT/USD, NEO/ETH, and GUNTHY/BTC.