Neo has updated the branding for the next version of its blockchain, N3. Users can expect to see the new brand in marketing campaigns for the upcoming Neo N3 TestNet and MainNet launches.

Moving forward, Neo 2.x will be called Neo Legacy.


Neo has revealed the new brand as part of an effort to improve its marketing strategy. By separating the version brand from the core Neo brand, it hopes to market new features to developers without interrupting the regular user’s relationship with the overall platform and ecosystem. Neo drew a comparison to Apple’s MacOS brand architecture:

It is important to understand that N3 is a version of the Neo blockchain. You may compare it to Big Sur being a version of MacOS. This means when we talk about our soon-to-be-launched upgraded blockchain, we still refer to it as Neo.

Neo Legacy

N3 will ship with many new features, including a simplified architecture, native contracts, decentralized storage, oracles, and an improved economic model. Many of these features are not backwards compatible with the current 2.x version of the Neo MainNet, meaning Neo N3 will be launched from a new genesis block.

For a period of time, the two Neo blockchains will be running concurrently. To clarify the relationship between the two chains, Neo will begin to refer to Neo 2.x as Neo Legacy. Neo believes the differentiation will make the upcoming migration process more straightforward for users to understand:

Calling the 2.x chain Neo Legacy clearly communicates to users that it is being superseded and will not receive further updates in the future. When you see the two chains side by side in a wallet or explorer, you will not have to think twice about which is the latest network.

Neo Global Development will finalize and announce the Neo Legacy to Neo N3 migration plan at a later date.

Looking forward, the first release candidate for the Neo N3 TestNet will go live in March 2021. Afterward, Neo will roll out a new website, offer new grant opportunities, host hackathon events, and support other ecosystem development initiatives leading to the launch of the Neo N3 MainNet.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: