NEO will be one of the first cryptocurrencies supported in the upcoming DigiFinex debit card. The card will allow users to pay for goods and services with NEO via UnionPay, the world’s largest PIN-network. Applications for the debit card begin March 30, 2021.

Rust tooling made its first appearance in the Neo ecosystem following recent contributions by community developer Jinghui Liao. The Rust SDK, neo-rs, provides basic wallet functionality for the legacy version of Neo and introduces the first pieces of support for Intel SGX enclaves. Moving forward, Liao plans to add support for the NEP-6 standard, transactions, network interaction, and more.

Neo Global Development ecogrowth director Lili Zhao delivered a presentation to the chairman and the CEO of FiCAS, an entity with a publicly listed ETP on the Swiss SIX Exchange.

The Flamingo team launched USDT and WBTC migration for users to convert from pn-assets to f-assets. Liquidity providers must migrate USDT and WBTC to continue receiving FLM rewards on the Flamingo vault module. Migration of USDT and WBTC began at 8:00 a.m. (UTC) on March 12, and FLM rewards for the affected pools began at 10:00 a.m.

Poly Network released an article entitled The Blueprint of The Heterogeneous Interoperability Protocol Poly Network. The article expanded upon Poly Network’s ability to share any information between chains and not being limited to digital assets. The article also noted three breakthroughs: 

  • Removing roadblocks of communicating with different types of blockchain architectures, 
  • Quick access for board members, and 
  • Connecting isolated blockchain ecosystems. 

Poly Network also added support for the Huobi ECO chain, offering the ability to transfer digital assets between the chain and Ethereum. 

Developer Groups

COZ released Dora v0.3, now supporting Neo3 and Neo2, and offering an improved unified search.


March 8, O3 Labs released its fortnightly report, which noted the integration of Polkadot and Huobi ECO chain, the Matcha DEX, and WalletConnect protocol. 

March 9, Nash League season three began at midnight (UTC) on March 9, 2021, and runs through April 6. The third season will have the same structure as season two, where $10,000 in rewards will unlock at intervals of $10 million in trading volume. All Nash users are automatically registered. 

March 9, O3 Labs launched its official sub-Reddit page.

March 9, TranslateMe added Rishi Singh, a new data scientist, to its team.

March 10, Switcheo co-founder, Ivan Poon, joined the Decrypt Daily podcast to discuss Switcheo and the Demex exchanges. 

March 10, Switcheo extended TradeHub LP rewards and modify reward weightings upon the recent unanimous approval of TIP #10. Notable changes include extending LP rewards to 30% of block rewards for six months and a new boost reward system. Looking forward, Switcheo intends to propose upgrading to TradeHub v1.15 and release a sunset/migration plan for the Switcheo Exchange.

March 11, QLC Chain was a part of a proof of concept program at the Metro Ethernet Forum that combined lifecycle service orchestration API and DLT-based smart bilateral to solve cross-partner business process challenges.

March 13, Nash League season three participants unlocked level two, with $20,000 in prizes, split between one team and solo participants. 

Token Listings

Nash will delist NEO/GAS, BAT/USD, NEO/ETH, and GUNTHY/BTC on March 17.