DeepBrain Chain has achieved network stability with the first phase of its TestNet and is seeking phase two applicants. The application process to become a supernode in phase one of TestNet began in Feb. 2021 and recently concluded. DeepBrain Chain received applications from individuals and entities in ten different countries. 

Note: CEO Feng He will participate in an AMA at 1:00 p.m. (UTC) on March 20, 2021. The topic of discussion will include phase two of the DeepBrain Chain TestNet.

DeepBrain Chain is a machine learning and distributed cloud storage provider that conducted its public token sale on Neo Legacy in Dec. 2017. In the past year, DBC token smart contract transactions on Neo Legacy have increased as DeepBrain Chain distributed micropayments to its network storage providers. The project substantially grew its network users, GPU providers, and geographic reach in 2020.

Since its inception, DeepBrain Chain’s goal has been to develop a public blockchain independent of Neo.

DeepBrain Chain network

The DBC Network is based on Substrate in the Polkadot ecosystem. The DBC TestNet portal currently offers a block explorer, information about supernodes, a module for future governance processes, and other developer-oriented features.

At the time of press, there are 42 supernodes, with a cap of 51 for the two TestNet phases. The five-member DBC Council will assume responsibility for selecting the first supernode candidates for MainNet. In the first three months of DBC MainNet, there will be an initial cap of 21 supernodes, with an additional ten voted into the network every quarter.

DeepBrain Chain will enable governance processes and allow its community to vote for supernodes three months after the launch of MainNet.

Additionally, there will be a token migration from NEP-5 DBC to MainNet DBC tokens. The DBC token has multiple utilities, such as purchasing computing power and rewarding network miners.

There is currently no further information about the migration process available, but DeepBrain Chain’s 2021 roadmap states it will occur around MainNet’s tentative May 2021 launch.

Becoming a supernode

Phase one applicants were required to hold a minimum of one million DBC tokens to apply as a supernode. However, for both phase two of TestNet and MainNet, the minimum requirement per applicant is five million DBC. 

In phase one, supernode rewards will be 559,700 DBC per node and distributed after the launch of MainNet. In phase two, supernode rewards can reach up to 396,000 DBC for each node. For the first three years of MainNet operation, the collective supernodes will share from a pool of 100 million DBC annually. 

The requirements to operate a DBC supernode include a minimum of 10G RAM, a 50G hard drive, and the Linux OS. Alternatively, users can stake DBC tokens to CPU nodes via Currently, there is a required stake of 50,000 to 300,000 DBC. 

Looking forward, the application process to become a supernode for phase two of TestNet concludes at 3:59 p.m. (UTC) on April 11, 2021. The selection process begins at midnight on April 15. DeepBrain Chain has noted that selecting candidates will emulate the election process for MainNet supernodes.

More information about the supernode application process can be found below: