Hong Kong based exchange OKEx, who recently launched a new customer-to-customer trading platform, will be listing NEO and GAS on November 11th at 14:00 Beijing time (UTC 6:00am). Deposits will open November 10th at 14:00 Beijing time (UTC 6:00am).

C2C is similar to P2P, except that ‘Market Makers’ act as merchants to people who would like to buy and sell cryptocurrency. When an individual wants to buy a coin, they look for a deal being offered by a Market Maker. On the other side, if an individual wants to sell a coin, they must find an acceptable offer made by a Market Marker.

OKEx vets all Market Makers on the C2C platform. Market Makers are required to declare their digital assets, which must meet the minimum OKEx requirements in order to be qualified to trade. All Market Makers must also place a security deposit with OKEx.

There are zero transaction fees for both buyers and sellers under the C2C model.

NEO News Today reached out to OKEx customer service who could not confirm whether NEO and GAS will be available for exchange under the C2C or spot trading model.

OKEx have teased a giveaway event to support the listing of new coins, and you can visit the exchange at this link –¬†https://www.okex.com/