On January 15, 2018, Omicrex announced they had integrated a variety of new trading pairs, NEO among the handful of coins that were selected. Omicrex, also known as Micron Crypto Markets, is a Greek based fiat to cryptocurrency exchange trading twelve coins, with four more scheduled to be listed on the exchange.

Omicrex accepts both fiat currency (through bank wires or credit cards) and digital currencies to allow customers to trade on the platform. Though, the exchange has a long list of countries that can not trade directly via fiat currency, including the United States among others.

Fees to buy and sell digital currencies for market makers, who are persons providing liquidity to the order book for people to execute their market orders. Minimum deposits are $100, €100, or the equivalent in cryptocurrency, there are no maximum deposit limits but larger orders will be subject to stricter anti-money laundering requirements.

The trading pairs are solely limited to trading at this point in time. Wallet deposits and withdrawals will be enabled shortly, according to the Omicrex Team. Omicrex will not launch any new coins, opting to only trade established coins on a peer-to-peer basis.

For any questions, you can contact Omicrex at support@omicrex.com or visit their website. They can be followed on Twitter and Facebook.