On January 15, 2018, Pikcio AG and MatchupBox CEO, Didier Collin de Casaubon hosted a webinar update to announce an investment from the NEO Council, and the smart contract of the PKC token itself has been moved from Ethereum’s ERC-20, to NEO’s NEP-5 token for their token presale.

The token presale began on November 11, 2017 and will end February 27, 2018. The current bonus for the token presale is 20%, and 1 NEO will purchase the investor 30 PKC tokens.

Matchup Box, the developer of PikcioChain, is planning to open a subsidiary in China sometime in March of 2018, so that they may distribute the PikcioChain and expand Pikcio service in the Eastern market. PikcioChain will bridge with Onchain Distributed Network Architecture (DNA), and seeks to help promote the NEO Smart Economy in the European market.

What is PikcioChain?

PikcioChain is a secure and distributed permission-based platform that specializes in the collection, certification, and exchange of personal data. PikcioChain lets businesses trade and exchange personal data in complete security and with confidence, while simultaneously empowering individuals, by giving them control of their personal data and enabling them to realize its financial value.

The blockchain has been in research and development for three years, and is currently partnered with businesses such as BNP Paribas, Jouve, Cabinet Brev & Sud, Telefonica, P2Link, Cardif  (BNP Paribas Group), and NTT Data. Didier also announced a partnership with Price Waterhouse Coopers, who will be their financial advisor in Europe and Russia with regards to the token sale.

The PikcioChain, aims to allow companies to offer or use services – such as commercial offers, advertisements, and data portability – based on customer data permissions and certification through PikcioPro. PikcioPro also acts as the portal to the Pikcio marketplace where certified data can be exchanged, bought, or sold.

Additionally, the PikcioChain seeks to be a gateway for individual end users, which enables users to communicate and share data safely with third parties through PikcioMe. Using PikcioMe, individuals can also retrieve their data from different sources or web services and earn Pikcio Tokens (PKC) by selling or certifying their data. The PikcioMe application is free and can be used freely for personal tasks such as chatting and file exchange.

Other uses cases and enterprise realms for the blockchain to operate within include banking, insurance, human resources, health, education, retail, government, and home automation.

For Quarter 1, MatchupBox is planning a variety of international visits and meetings to spread information about PikcioChain and to meet potential partners. Didier’s eventual goal is to meet and further interact with the NEO community, around the beginning of February of 2018.

Why will PikcioChain use NEO?

In the video announcement, Didier stated “the NEO Code is a fantastic code, that we find very strong and probably more secure,” and he believes this is just the first of many who will opt to launch their token sales on the NEO blockchain.

Additionally, Didier believes launching the platform on NEO will mutually benefit both NEO and PikcioChain to gain traction in the global markets. Beyond the investment of tokens from the NEO Council, Pikcio is interested in making the shift from the financial technology and insurance technology, into the smart car automotive market, and the telecommunication market.

More information about PikcioChain can be found at www.PikcioChain.com. You can also follow PikcioChain on their Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and Reddit.

by Dylan Grabowski