The Switcheo decentralized exchange has recently announced a string of new NEP-5 token listings to be added in the near future, each with their own NEO, GAS and Switcheo token (SWTH) trading pairs.

Alchemint (SDT)

The first additional listing to go live on Switcheo was Alchemint, a cryptocurrency stabilization system running on NEO. It should be noted that Alchemint’s Special Drawing Token (SDT) is not itself a price-stable cryptocurrency. SDT instead functions as a security token that is used to carry financial operations such as repaying debts to retrieve collateral, or to participate in the governance of system risk control.

SDT was listed on the 27th July at 11:00am (UTC + 8). The announcement from Switcheo can be found here.

Master Contract Token (MCT)

MCT is designed to overcome limitations inherent in the design of current NEP-5 tokens, providing third party smart contracts with the ability to send, receive and hold MCT. MCT also provides staked storage functionality; rather than paying a GAS system fee to deploy a contract, developers can stake MCT tokens to use the MCT smart contract as a storage proxy. This can potentially result in a substantial saving for developers looking to deploy basic contracts.

MCT will be listed on the 30th July at 12:00pm (UTC + 8). The announcement from Switcheo can be found here.

Narrative (NRVE)

Narrative is a content community platform that rewards both creators and content moderators based on the value they contribute to the platform. Unlike conventional social networks, Narrative users share control and receive 85% of all revenue, using NRVE as a content currency. Narrative is currently in Alpha, with early access available here. More information about Narrative can be found here.

As with MCT, the NRVE token is due to be listed on the 30th of July at 12:00pm (UTC + 8) as per the announcement by Switcheo.

Moonlight Lux (LX)

Moonlight is a decentralized workforce and project management platform. Individuals or groups of contributors act as organizations that can either issue tasks of a specified value, or they can resolve tasks directly for LX or terms of remittance. Task issuers can find potential contributors with the required skillset through a matchmaking algorithm, and every resolved task is published to the blockchain to build a trustless resume for organizations. Addresses holding LX are also eligible to periodically be awarded GAS proportion to their LX holdings, based on the fees collected by Moonlight. Additional details can be found on the Moonlight website. Unlike the previous listings, LX tokens will not be listed until the Moonlight token sale launch.

Switcheo notes they expect this listing to go live by 11th August at 12:00pm (UTC + 8) according to the announcement here.

More information on Switcheo, Alchemint, Master Contract Token, Narrative and Moonlight can be found below.

Written by Brett Rhodes