Zeepin, a decentralized economy for creative industries, has published an FAQ about its platform and its space exploration game, CryptoGalaxy. The article addresses many questions, but the team also states that more in-depth coverage will come in future with the release of its CryptoGalaxy whitepaper.

CryptoGalaxy is a multiplayer space exploration game where players can colonize and mine planets, explore a virtual universe and form alliances with other players. Its core game mechanics is the competitive colonization of planets and mining GALA tokens.

To begin, it’s claimed that GALA tokens, CryptoGalaxy’s internal currency, will be listed on exchanges once “all legal and technical details are set,” according to the FAQ. The team also gave three specific reasons for the delay in listing GALA tokens, namely the fact that it’s still in beta; its whitepaper has not been released; and that GALA will soon become a native coin of the Galaxy Chain, alongside with the Zeepin main chain. You can read more about the two chains here.

The next question was if there are plans for a “decentralized ecosystem within the Galaxy world?” In response, Zeepin claims that there will be a decentralized planet exchange messenger and other P2P functions that will be released in the next versions of the game.

Further questions were answered about Zeepin’s plans of a ZPT/GALA airdrop and if the tokens use-case will expand in future. On the first matter,  Zeepin states that “there will be more ways of getting more GALA in the near future even outside the game. No details to share yet.” On the second, Zeepin claims the following: “More GALA applications will be described in the white paper. The circulating supply of GALA is relatively small and will be increased step by step.”

In the next versions of CryptoGalaxy, Zeepin claims there will be a filtering system to make browsing planets faster and easier with additional options rolled out in future. And that the upcoming whitepaper will focus on the holistic details of the Galaxy Chain including its “concept technology, consensus mechanism and future applications for business development.”

A bulk of the answers in the FAQ were centred around the economic factors of CryptoGalaxy including how the minerals (which can be found on the planets surface) work and the economics of mining. Zeepin states that the minerals will not dilute the value of GALA, as they are pegged to the token itself, and that they could be used for “different purposes from the next version onwards.” Finally,  Zeepin confirmed a rumour that ASIC mining hardware for will be introduced “in the near future.”

The team ran a community beta test for the V1.5 version of CryptoGalaxy that was announced on July 3rd and ended July 13th that involved 150 testers. The new version introduced ZPT to the game; thus creating a direct synergy between Zeepin and CryptoGalaxy. ZPT can now be used to increase the mineral yielding speed of planets, and may also be held in in-game wallets to generate passive income in GALA tokens.

The team also published a progress report for the periods of June 29th and July 12th that highlighted its most recent accomplishments. The team attended meetups and made some updates to its ZeeRights and ZeeCreate modules. The report can be read here.

More information on Zeepin and CryptoGalaxy can be found below.