Switcheo has released updates about its work with Ledger support on the decentralized exchange (DEX), and the status of Switcheo Exchange version 2.0.

Ledger Hardware Wallet Integration

The development team has completed their integration of Ledger devices for use with the Switcheo DEX. The team has conducted both internal and external tests of the integration, and have yet to discover any issues.

Ledger integration will not be functional until the NEO application is updated on their firmware. Meanwhile, Switcheo will await approval to “[merge] the new code into the LedgerHQ [repository] for the NEO [application].”

More information and detailed instructions on Ledger NEO application and firmware updates will be released as it becomes publicly available.

Switcheo v2

The Switcheo v2 smart contract has yet to be released, as the engineering team is waiting for certain NEO upgrades to be pushed to the MainNet. The v2 launch has been delayed to ensure full compatibility, and to avoid future upgrades due to core changes.

The upgraded smart contract v2 will have have the following enhancements and features:

  • Instantaneous trading
  • Public trading application programming interface (API), and
  • Improved withdrawals and deposits

Additionally, Switcheo’s smart contract v2 will incorporate updates to smart contracts such as NEP-7, NEP-8, and Payable Contracts. The NEP-7 standard will remove the need for specialized transactions necessary for events such as token sales. NEP-8 is a stack isolation patch, which is an security enhancement on Neo VM for dynamic invocations. Payable contract updates will make improvements to smart contracts and payments during token sales.

In conjunction with the launch of v2, Switcheo will be hosting a trading competition offering $100,000 USD in rewards. More information about winning criteria tiers and groupings will be released as it becomes available.

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