Switcheo Exchange has announced improved and simplified support for O3 desktop wallet users following its implementation of the NEO dAPI standard. With the O3 desktop wallet running in the background, it’s no longer necessary for users to navigate through the wallet’s dApp interface in order to access Switcheo.

The enhanced user flow between O3 and Switcheo is made possible by the adoption of the newly approved “dApp Provider Interface” standard, NEP-12, which was co-authored by O3 software engineer Nick Fujita.

Background Operation

The dAPI offered by O3 is available to all desktop wallet users who elect to run the wallet in the background. With the dAPI, Switcheo is able to send notifications and transaction requests directly to the O3 wallet, where users may then sign transactions without exposing their private keys.

By jointly supporting the NEP-12 standard, O3 and Switcheo intend to offer improved transparency and control by providing users with full details and wallet-based control of proposed transactions.

At press time, the NEP-12 proposal has been accepted, but is not yet finalized.

The full announcement from Switcheo may be viewed at the following link: https://medium.com/switcheo/introducing-a-new-way-to-trade-on-switcheo-via-o3-3a38c9be2dba