NEO has announced a partnership with VIBE, a company that uses volumetric video technology to create holographic images for virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR). The two entities state they will coordinate on “cross-chain communication for the next era of gaming,” starting with the integration of NEO and GAS onto the VIBENet blockchain.

According to VIBE, its blockchain can “facilitate instant atomic micro transactions with no gas fees.” Other supported tokens on the VIBENet chain include the native VIBE token, ETH, and BNB.

About VIBE

VIBE was founded in 2017, the same year the team recorded its first volumetric performance. Volumetric video recording captures an individual or item as a three-dimensional item which can be viewed using 3D displays such as the Oculus Rift headset. Looking forward, VIBE aims to use this technology to capture holograms of artists, educators, and public figures to create augmented meta-worlds.

In addition to volumetric video recording for AR/VR, VIBE also seeks to offer a hosting platform for various content in the educational, comedic, and gaming genres. Though the education and comedy marketplaces are still under development, VIBE has launched its flagship game, “VIBE or DIE.”

NEO and GAS integration

VIBE or DIE is a first-person shooter that leverages the VIBENet chain to distribute player rewards. Those who play the game will receive or lose token rewards each time they kill or are killed within a match. User price preferences differ between game modes, which are expected to range from .01 tokens per kill/death up to 100 tokens per kill/death.

Beginning in the second week of September, users will be able to play VIBE or DIE using NEO. For the remainder of September, NEO and VIBE are co-hosting a competition with a pool of US $5,000 for players who use NEO to play the game.

VIBE will release further information about the competition in the coming weeks.

The full partnership announcement can be found at the link below: