Switcheo, a Singapore-based non-custodial exchange offering markets on the Neo, EOS, and Ethereum blockchains, has announced a set of market delistings. As of Friday, July 3rd, 2020, the ACAT, FTWX, PROQ, RCPT, and OBT assets have been removed from market trading on the Switcheo Exchange.

Delisted project tokens held in Switcheo’s exchange smart contract can be withdrawn at any time, indefinitely.


According to Switcheo, the projects issuing the ACAT, FTWX, PROQ, and RCPT tokens “are not active and no longer have an accessible website.”

Alphacat, a cryptocurrency robo-advisor offering market forecast tools, had its main website offline at press time, but its mobile-focused Alphacat Store remains active. Its ACAT token remains traded on the KuCoin centralized exchange.

For The Win, a lottery and raffle project, recently stated in its official Telegram channel: “We understand that we have been delisted from Switcheo. The team are currently in talks with them and are trying to get us listed back on there. Thank you for your patience.” In May of 2020, the team had announced that it was waiting for the upcoming Neo3 blockchain to deploy its next smart contract with additional features. The FTX token is not currently exchange-traded.

Quarteria aimed to build a “decentralized real estate listings platform controlled by both buyers and sellers without the need of any third party.” Its PROQ token is not available on exchanges.

Recoupit, a secondary coin of the Coupit project, has an available website, but also a history of prior issues with RCPT distribution. The Coupit (COUP) coin is still listed on Switcheo.


Switcheo also delisted Orbis, a mobile mesh networking project that aimed to create an Industrial Internet of Things, due to an announcement that its team will no longer be supporting the project. Orbis posted a closing letter to its website in April of 2020.

Switcheo stated as an overall reasoning for the delisting decisions:

While we understand some tokens may be important to some of our users, the presence of unused markets affects our score on exchange aggregators by giving an appearance of lower overall liquidity. Since we do not manipulate our exchange statistics, presenting a vibrant overall picture is doubly important to us.

Switcheo Exchange’s full delisting announcement can be viewed at the following link: https://blog.switcheo.network/delisting-of-markets/