Coupit, a USA-based e-commerce project which aims to provide a sales affiliate program, analytics data, and rewards program, has recently published a community update. The update describes and attempts to explain a host of problems recently encountered by Coupit’s team, including the failure to distribute Recoupit in March 2019.

Contractor Infighting

The Coupit project describes a relationship with the California-based software development firm, Allcode, that has ended. According to Coupit, the Coupit/Allcode arrangement involved hiring Allcode “as an independent contractor to maintain and build the projects and infrastructure.” However, the Coupit team alleges “mismanagement,” “security issues,” and “technical incompetence” from AllCode.

Deleted GitHub Repos

Coupit alleges that AllCode “deleted numerous code repositories” from the Coupit GitHub. In addition, Coupit acknowledge that AllCode “exclusively possesses the encryption keys, scripts and technical know-how” to perform the planned monthly airdrops of Coupit’s Recoupit secondary token.

As a result of AllCode’s alleged actions, Coupit “can’t say for sure exactly when the next disbursement will be” for its Recoupit tokens. The Coupit team added, “We are currently figuring out how to proceed, as we have relied on AllCode for all of our development this far.”

Coupit technical lead Ty Sands reports that the remaining team has recently “built new features, implemented new ideas and continue to work towards making our vision a reality.”

AllCode CEO Joel Garcia declined comment when contacted by NEO News Today for this article.

Coupit’s community update may be viewed in full at the following link: