Coupit, a USA-based e-commerce project which aims to provide a sales affiliate program, analytics data, and a rewards program, has announced a distribution plan for its Recoupit (RECOUP) tokens. Recoupit is slated to be the secondary token in Coupit’s COUP and RECOUP dual-token ecosystem. Coupit states that Recoupit tokens will be used for “promoting products on the Coupit platform”, or they can be used to take advantage of “special offers” from the Coupit team.

RECOUP Distribution

Distribution of RECOUP to COUP holders is scheduled to take place on a monthly basis, and the total supply of RECOUP will be 1,000,000,000 tokens. 20,000,000 RECOUP, representing 2% of the total supply, will be airdropped to COUP holders each month, in proportion to their COUP holdings. After 50 monthly distributions, the RECOUP dispensation will be complete.

Coupit states that a release date for RECOUPIT will be coming “very soon”.

The RECOUP distribution announcement can be viewed in full at the following link: