Neon Exchange (NEX), a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, has announced NEX Community, which is a forum where participants can read and answer questions relating to the platform’s ecosystem.

The announcement was made during Neon Exchange’s birthday party that was held in Amsterdam on October 27th. The event featured a live, “Ask me anything” segment with co-founder, Fabio Canesin, and chief design officer Nathaniel Wadpole. The turnout for the event was reportedly impressive, with Canesin commenting on the “fantastic community” that has gathered around the platform.

NEX Community is an exclusive platform for holders to chat with each other and receive support from official team members. Its goal is to provide accurate information in a closed-community setting; as such, accessing the forum is limited to NEX holders only and via the platform’s official extension. These controls to access of the forum were put in place to eliminate disinformation, spam, and bad community conduct.

Any user may read posts made in the NEX Community, but in order to reply or start a new thread, registration is compulsory along with logging in via the NEX extension. New users must have at least 1 NEX in their wallets at the time of registration. After registration is complete, however, users may login irrespective of their NEX balances.

The platform is moderated by the NEX team and thus is an official platform for communication with the platform’s team members. Productive discussions are encouraged within the community and there is the chance to earn forum badgers and higher user levels for contributions.

The Community can be joined by visiting the below link and signing up via the NEX extension.