BlaCat, a decentralized application (dApp) and software development kit for blockchain game developers, has released its affiliate marketing plan. The affiliate marketing plan aims to compensate and establish partnerships with international blockchain game developers. The plan outlines requirements for two types of specialists and an international node partnership.

Individuals will be compensated via BCP, the BlaCat platform’s native token. Currently, the affiliate marketing program is seeking to incentivize specialists to attract game developers, as well as users and gamers to the BlaCat platform.

BlaCat game developer promotion specialists

BlaCat game developer promotion specialists will need to communicate with 30 unique game developers a month, and persuade one developer to upload proof-of-work, such as a game introduction and images of the game, to the BlaCat platform. Participants who aren’t able to uphold these standards for three months consecutively will be suspended from the program.

To keep track of applicants, BlaCat will distribute a form for game developer specialists to populate each month and submit. Once a game developer has registered on the BlaCat site, the specialist will automatically be linked to that registration.

Compensation will be distributed according to geographic regions, which will be based on local cost of living indexes. Compensation will be distributed at the following tiered amounts: US $300, $500, or $1,000. Additionally, specialists will receive a US $100 bonus per developer who uploads an introduction and images, and an additional $100 if the developer uploads a game demo.

BlaCat user/player promotion specialist

BlaCat user/player promotion specialists will be provided their own unique promotion links, which will be tied to an automatic distribution pool. The compensation schedule and potential tiered rewards system has yet to be determined by the BlaCat development team.

In addition to the two specialist programs, BlaCat is also seeking international node partners to participate in “international development strategy, attend local activities and receive extra [bonuses].” BlaCat has been geographically subdivided into three regions: Europe and North America, Greater China, and other regions. Other regions are further subdivided into groupings by country, and there shall be no more than two partners per country.

Individuals interested in applying to be promotional specialists can do so at the following link: