Switcheo Exchange has released a preview of its new wallet manager that will be launched as part of the Castillo update, which will feature Ethereum and Qtum trading alongside NEO assets. The wallet manager is designed to help users manage their digital assets upon integration of Switcheo’s multi chain functionality.

Features of the wallet manager include:

  • Clearer interfaces and instructions for traders who are using the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.
  • An “All Assets” tab to give a holistic view of all tokens, with the inclusion of sorting and searching functionality.
  • The ability to connect and toggle between the 3 supported blockchain wallets (NEO, Ethereum, Qtum) and manage deposits and withdrawals without navigating to a different screen.
  • An “Estimated Value” that displays the total estimated value for each wallet and each token in either USD or BTC.
  • A “Transfer History” tab to track transfers to and from the Switcheo Exchange smart contract, and match them with blockchain explorers.
  • More detail on the confirming deposits and withdrawals.

Faye Xie, Switcheo’s UI/UX lead commented on the wallet manager, “Enhancing our traders’ user experience has always been one of our key areas of focus. The new wallet manager adopted a design concept that is beautiful, intuitive, and also allows for the seamless transfer of tokens.”

The full preview from Switcheo can be found at the below link:

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