Endorsit, a content ecosystem incentivized through the use and consumption of EDS tokens, announced that its decentralized application (dApp) has entered its first round of beta testing. The announcement was included as part of the platform’s weekly update series posted October 2nd.

To prepare for beta testing, the team made numerous improvements to the design and function of its dApp. Bugs were removed from the application’s internal test run process, along with an update to its user interface (UI) to make it easier to use. Other updates were made to the application’s wallet security and module logic.

A series of statements were given by Endorsit’s founder, Leilei Cai, regarding the impending beta test as well as the process for selecting testers for the platform. In summary of Cai’s original announcement: a small number of people will be invited to test the application on a peer-to-peer basis. Priority will be given to those who have made “significant contributions to [Endorsit’s] ecology in the early stage.” A certain number of users will be announced through Endorsit’s website each week to enter testing. Before testing can begin, however, invited individuals must sign a non-disclosure agreement that prohibits the transmission of images or raw text from the app into the public domain; Endorsit claims that it will exercise its “legal responsibility” for the breach of this contract. Testing will be held over two phases with a data reset in between. Finally, a conference will be held for all users within a few weeks after testing to gather feedback.

Another announcement was the conclusion of Endorsit’s dApp internal test author incentive program that ended September 30th. The program incentivized writers to write high-quality articles to form Endorsit’s “eco-community,” In total, 1,189 articles were accepted from 2,200 submissions, netting 168 authors a cumulative total of 11,000,000 EDS tokens.

As the Endorsit internal test author incentive program ended, a different kind of incentive began on October 8th named the Endorsit October Promotion Program. The new incentive, which will run until November 4, will reward creative submissions in the form of “articles, audio or comics about the Endorsit project for marketing purposes.” A total of five million EDS tokens will be awarded to one hundred participants.

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