Blockchain Cuties, a protocol agnostic “blockchain collectible adventure game,” has announced it will launch a NEO-compatible version in the coming months. NEO marks Blockchain Cuties’ fourth public blockchain integration including Ethereum, Tron, and EOS.

Blockchain Cuties co-founder and CTO, Andrey Pelipenko, has taken the task of integrating a NEO-based non-fungible token (NFT) standard into the game. Additionally, Pelipenko has participated in the on-going NFT standard discussion among NEO core and community developers.

Game Play

Blockchain Cuties players can collect, breed, and take pets on adventures where characters accumulate in-game items. In-game play allows users to level up characters by testing their skills in battle and gaining experience points.

Currently, Blockchain Cuties characters include cats, puppies, bear cubs, lizards, and hedgehogs; though, many more are planned for future integration. Each character is comprised of a unique gene set, which can result in distinctive appearance. As each character is based on an NFT, they can be bought, sold, or traded just like other cryptocurrencies on the Blockchain Cuties marketplace.

Game developers have already begun to implement NEO into Blockchain Cuties, stating the “first cuties have already been born on our NEO test network.”

Blockchain Cuties is tentatively planned to launch on NEO in Summer of 2019.

The full announcement can be found in the link below: