Moonlight, a freelance workforce platform on the NEO blockchain, has released the first in its upcoming series of fortnightly reports. The reports, requested by the Moonlight community, aim to serve as a tool for “tracking & analyzing progress and the overall health of the project.”

Moonlight stated that the team meets weekly to discuss topics such as platform features, product planning, development, and marketing.

Additionally, Moonlight noted the acquisition of a European trademark for the Lux (LX) logo, which is hoped to help protect Moonlight’s branding and reputation.

Platform Development

Moonlight highlighted Quality Assurance testing as the primary topic for its current development meetings. The report goes on to describe a testing process known as “black box testing.” Black box testing “helps to uncover behavioral or performance issues in software under development” and provides Moonlight developers with a higher level of scalability in its testing infrastructure.

The team aims to create its own framework for testing, with a current focus on building unit tests for individual components such as smart contracts.

Other development based activities include the implementation of profile functionality on the Moonlight application, enhancements to platform features, and various bug fixes.

Research and Testing

Moonlight reported implementing a new internal research and planning process to help discover new features that may be valuable to its product in the future. Through GitHub, team members can create issues, discussions, and meetings to explore features they’d like to see on the platform.

Lastly, Moonlight reported that it is nearing its initial beta testing stage. The development team has finalized the draft non-disclosure agreement for beta testers. Beta testing will to begin with “guided walkthroughs” for representative groups of potential users, such as recruiters, hiring managers, freelancers, and contractors.

The goal of preliminary beta testing is to collect feedback from real-world use cases, enabling the development team to assess the product from the perspective of its end users.

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