BLOCKLORDS, a blockchain-based medieval strategy game, has launched its open beta on the NEO TestNet. Players are invited to install the O3 Wallet, which will be used to sign into the game via the included dAPI.

The strategy game received the Blockchain Award at the NEO Game Development Competition in 2018, awarded to the project that made the best use of blockchain technology in its game design and user experience.

In the announcement, BLOCKLORDS provides instructions on getting started with the O3 Wallet and how to use it to access the game. Players will require TestNet GAS, which can be requested from the team by emailing with the players’ public address.

The game can be accessed at

Gameplay Walkthrough

To access the game, users are required to download the desktop version of the O3 wallet. After creating or logging into a wallet, players must switch it to the NEO TestNet. Detailed instructions and screenshots are available in the original post.

After logging into the game using the O3 wallet, users will be able to create a hero from a choice of three lords. Hero creation is the first time that the player will be prompted to sign a transaction using O3.

By then moving to the map screen, players will be able to find different locations or units to battle. The most valuable targets are cities, as the city lords earn taxes on transactions and coffer payouts in the form of GAS.

Battles can be started with the Attack button, which launches a preparation screen where stats and troop counts can be compared. Items acquired by capturing strongholds or through the marketplace can be equipped in the hero page. These items increase a hero’s stats and can be further levelled up by killing bandits found on the in-game map.

When ready, preceding to attack will create a battle transaction to be signed, broadcast, and the results verified via the NEO blockchain.

Items earned in-game can be sold in the marketplace, located in each city. Items can be sold at a player-specified price, with listings lasting for 8, 12, or 24 hours. Transactions in the market are taxed, with the taxes going to whichever player is the current city lord.

The team noted that the game will be launched on the NEO MainNet following thorough testing. Players that discover bugs are encouraged to contact with a report.