The NEO Game Development Competition awards ceremony was held at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai Hotel on Shanghai on October 31st. The conference was hosted by NewEconoLabs (NEL), a Chinese based community development group, and was attended by various industry leaders.

The NEO Game Development Competition opened on May 1st, with submissions closing on August 15th. It was supported by both NEL and NEO Global Development, and called for developers to build games featuring NEO blockchain integration for a share in a RMB ¥3,500,000 prize pool. 258 developers from all over the world signed up to the competition, with 46 valid entries submitted.

The competition was judged by NEO founder, Erik Zhang, NEL founder, Yongxin Liu, and NGC co-founder, Wayne Zhu, who awarded the major prizes as below:

Best Game Award


The game that delivered the best experience across all creative and technical fields, including: content, player experience, artistic design, blockchain integration, and profitability on TestNet.

Winner: CardMaker

Blockchain Award


The game that best integrated blockchain into its product design and player experience.


Art Award


The game with the highest overall artistic value, including its design and animation, visual experience, and through its narrative development.

Winner: NEO.Girl

Game Creativity Award


The game with the most creative vision and innovation in game direction and design.

Winner: Cell Evolution

Business Value Award


The game that generated the most income running on TestNet.

Winner: Best Eleven

Visual Effects Award


The game with the most outstanding, creative, and technical achievement in its visual effects.

Winner: Armed Girls Matrix

Design Effects Award


The game that excelled in the in-game design of one or multiple systems, not considering its integration with blockchain.

Winner: Sky of Mine

Technical Effects Award


The game that best applied blockchain technology.

Winner: Carry Battle

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