CardMaker, a blockchain game based around user-created content, has released details for its package presale and staking event. Packages consist of in-game content and CAKE tokens, which can be unlocked by staking NEO or NNC tokens or purchased outright.

The presale event launches on August 26th, 2019 at 19:00 (UTC + 8), leading up to the opening of Nature Town, the first NEO-based zone, on August 30th at 19:00 (UTC + 8).

Earlier in the year, CardMaker launched the Ethereum-based Cake Town. Although the two towns are separate, they are able to trade with each other. CardMaker has produced a promotional video for the launch of Nature Town, which can be viewed below.

As an HTML5 game, CardMaker will be available on a range of devices. A detailed quick start guide has been provided by the team, which offers an introduction to the story mode structure, the purposes of various resources such as cards or CAKE tokens, and an overview of the basic gameplay and features.

Players that choose to stake tokens to unlock a package will be able to withdraw their NEO or NNC tokens after the cooling period, which will typically range between 180 to 365 days depending on the package. According to CardMaker, leveling up in-game will decrease the cooldown time by up to 200%.

Warm Up Event

In addition to the package event, the warm up event is still ongoing, which offers a share in a NEO prize pool to users that sign up and charge their in-game accounts with 1 NEO.

Every new user that joins the warmup event will cause 0.25 NEO to be added to the prize pool, up to a limit of 100 NEO, and extends the timer by 12 hours, capping at 24 hours. NEO distribution after the event is as follows:

  • Early-bird Prize: 50% of the total prize pool shared equally by the first 100 eligible users.
  • Final Prize: 20% of the total prize pool awarded to the last eligible user.
  • Linking Prize: 10% of the total prize pool awarded to the user with the most referrals.
  • Attending Prize: 20% of the total prize pool shared equally by all other users.

Following the conclusion of the event, users will be able to withdraw all charged and won NEO from their accounts. As NEO is an integer, fractional NEO cannot be withdrawn, though it can be used in-game.

The original announcement for the staking/presale package event may be found below: