NEO Foundation has announced a strategic partnership with gumi Cryptos, a subsidiary of Japanese mobile game company gumi. Together, the two aim to “promote the Japanese blockchain market by pushing forward technological advancements and new applications.”

gumi Inc launched gumi Cryptos as a blockchain/crypto venture fund in order to “strengthen its  the blockchain industry through investments in other leading companies.” The organization claims to offer unique access to the Japanese crypto market and will offer marketing support alongside other “varied services” to NEO.

NEO is one of a number of proven blockchain projects selected by gumi to help introduce blockchain technology to Japan. Da Hongfei, NEO co-founder and NEO Global Development (NGD) CEO, also noted the potential benefits that the partnership agreement will provide NEO as a platform:

“As a key blockchain infrastructure, NEO is partnering with gumi to leverage the latter’s leading edge in the gaming sector to move towards a more diverse and optimized Internet era. Moving forward, we look forward to leveraging our respective strengths to strengthen user control over game assets while enhancing their overall experience.”

The full strategic partnership announcement can be found at the link below: